Monday, August 17, 2009

Meeting 2009 Sept 12

The first meeting of the 2009/2010 year happens September 12. (Remember, dues are due for the new year.)

This year's VP/Program Chair Sharon is planning to introduce (most of) us to Artist Trading Cards! ATC groups are popping up all over. The idea is to produce original artwork in a set size and trade with others who do the same.

Members should bring supplies and items to decorate small pieces of watercolor paper (provided by ART Outfitters.) Think: scrapbook / stamping / collage / small lettering tools / miniature add-ons/ etc.

After the meeting, the store is hosting an informal swap with other artists in the area. Stay awhile to see what others are doing and swap some of yours!

Watch the blog for updates.

Meeting: Sept 12, 2009; 10:am; ART Outfitters, 917 W 7th, Little Rock. For directions, call: 501-374-4323.